Carolina Lisa: interior and UI /UX designer

I'm a designer from Barcelona specializing in interior design and UI /UX design that provides solutions in terms of creative direction and art direction.


As an interior designer I have extensive knowledge in furniture design, lightning and materials, with extensive experience in furniture designs with AutoCAD, always opting for luxury and high quality. My work as a UI /UX designer focuses on web design and responsive with a double objective: to create a brand image (branding) and improve online user experience through proper usability. In this field i have knowledge in HTML and CSS and experience as a graphic designer of websites and multimedia, including webs dedicated to electronic commerce. It also motivates and interests me all the design related to the world of fashion and photography. My values for success are teamwork, simplicity and quality, being my philosophy "Great design cannot happen without passion and personal commitment".

My philosophy: Great design cannot happen without passion and personal commitment

Services I provide:

Creative thinking     visual communication     culture building      and team work